Rob Stenson

This is me — I’m a programmer and designer. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, & Vimeo. I also do odd jobs for Three Gems Tea.


This is my email address (feel free to write!)


This is an open-source library I work on for doing typography-with-code (used to make this site and all the recent videos below) & typography-with-blender (with a gui) — more about those projects on coldtype.xyz

The company I co-founded

This is the company I co-founded and work at (we make audio software)


Below are some things I’ve done in my life, in reverse chronological order:

A G.H.Z. S.A.L.E.

2021 — A track made by Bradley Immel (sampling an iconic Sesame Street performance), paired with a font made by Milton Glaser, reimagined in 3D using Coldtype & Blender.

53 Defective Arches

2021 — An experiment with Coldtype, Blender, and MIDI. Finally a project that draws on my undergraduate studies in the history of architecture.

Holy Trinities of Aretha Franklin Rhythm Sections

2021 — After a three year hiatus, Holy Trinities returned with an episode on the three greatest Aretha Franklin rhythm sections of all time. Of note: all graphics done with Coldtype/Python.

Fann St. Clarendon

2021 — In early 2021 I enrolled in the Type West program at Letterform Archive and submitted this video as the final project for my type revival of the original “Clarendon” (as originally issued by the Fann St. Foundry). A fantastic program, although I realized I don’t want to design fonts, I just want to mess with other people’s fonts.

Type Synth

2020 — Inspired by a talk by Just van Rossum, this is an example of using audio processing algorithms to manipulate font outlines. More information & a code sample in this Twitter thread.


2020 — A new plugin, featuring a variable font animation (drawn by OHno Type Co.) in the interface — more info about Tupe here.


2020 — A Vulfpeck song about waiting in the big traffic circle to pick someone up at LAX led to the logical question: what if the text was also circulating?

3 On E

2020 — Warped comic-book-style lyric animations with the very malleable Obviously typeface from Ohno.

Bach Vision Test

2020 — Visualizing a piece by Bach twice-removed (since this video is kind of an homage to Wendy Carlos’ mid-century work as well as early computer graphics films as filmed from CRTs directly onto high-contrast film, but this video uses only modern software-based synthesizers and graphics rendering).

Digestive (Loop)

2020 — A new font from Ohno — a loop that asks the question: is the font a snake?

Shulie A Bop

2020 — Inspired by the work of Len Lye, I made this "lyric video" of “Shulie a Bop,” as performed on 1967’s Swingin’ Easy, by Sarah Vaughan and Her Trio


2020 — You ever look at a font from the 70s and think to yourself could i play that font on guitar?

53 Seconds of Percussion

2019 — Animating a stencil font with MIDI information, note-by-note & piece-by-piece.


2019 — A type-specimen-in-motion for OHno Type Co.’s incredible variable font (Obviously).

Vulf Sans

2019 — James from OHno asked me to help announce Vulf Sans to the world, with the help of Vulfpeck frontman Jack Stratton. Had a real fun time with this, my first time using iPhone footage as a primary video element.

The True Story of Megaverb

2019 — A promotional video for the Goodhertz plugin Megaverb, a reverb inspired by the 1980s. More information about the typefaces used available at Fonts in Use.

Interview with Jennifer Hsu

2019 — An interview with Goodhertz Engineering Fellow Jennifer Hsu. I had a lot of fun with the beat-synced typography in this one, although it ends up being a fairly subtle effect.

Mix Notes #2 — Ginger Root

2018 — There is little in life more calming (to me) than a nice paragraph of dense text. Glad I finally figured out a way to do it in video, without having to do it manually in After Effects.

Game Winner (Remix)

2018 — A music video I directed for Joey Dosik; the concept was to do a 60-minutes-style interview with Joey, as if he was a retired basketball star from the 1990s.

Holy Trinities — Tambourine

2017 — One of a multi-part series of history pieces made with Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck.

Vulfmon Travels (S02E03)

2012 — After a lifetime of listening to my father play, in my senior year of college I finally developed an abiding love for the banjo.